imbue em·body 200mg premium CBD salve – 2 oz. jar


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imbue em·body 200mg premium CBD salve – 2 oz. jar

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imbue em·body 200mg premium CBD salve – 2 oz. jar

Em·body 200 mg CBD salve that brings healing, comfort, and vitality to your skin. Enjoy the soothing and energizing properties of CBD. Get it now!

About imbue Realizing the TRUE POTENTIAL of CBD

As one of the very first companies in the US CBD space, Imbue Botanicals was at the very forefront of using US grown hemp in our manufacturing process. When we started, virtually every other CBD company imported their hemp and hemp oils from countries like China or Romania. For us, that was a nonstarter. Without having direct oversight of the growing and manufacturing process, we knew we couldn’t ensure that our products would meet the medical-grade standards we knew we had to achieve.

That’s because the initial impetus behind the start of the company wasn’t some “get rich quick” scheme. Rather, the motivation for starting the company was to find a solution to a serious medical problem one of the founders had…severe progressive neuropathy. At a point where none of the available medical or pharmaceutical solutions were proving effective any longer, the search for relief from this debilitating condition resulted in the formulation of our first topical and oral products. And the results were nothing short of miraculous. Now some 6 years later, these very same products continue not only to provide relief from neuropathy but allow for a virtually neuropathy-free life!

So knowing we could formulate highly clinically-effective CBD products, we moved forward to expand our offering, create our branding and bring our passion to bear. And from that, the company…and the product line…grew.

The passage of the 2014 Farm Bill gave us the entrée we needed to develop our US-based supply chain and we’ve never looked back. But it wasn’t just US-grown that we wanted. We wanted to find the very best place to grow hemp in the US and use that exclusively. We found that in Colorado. Every hemp plant we use is grown, processed, and extracted in Colorado. And virtually all of our products are made there.

But our innovation was just beginning. From developing one of the few commercially available vegetable glycerin-based tinctures to being the first in the market with a CBD capsule to topicals that worked across a myriad of maladies, we led the way in developing clinically efficacious CBD products. Imbue Botanicals has become the CBD brand pharmacists trust. We were instrumental in opening up the independent pharmacy market for CBD… and with good reason. We offer the most extensive line of premium, clinical-grade CBD products, including tinctures, supplement-enhanced raw honey tinctures, capsules, gummies, topical lotions and salves, and even dental products…all available in multiple strengths… for both people and pets. All our premium Colorado grown hemp products are organic, non-GMO, cruelty free, and vegan.

​With nearly three decades of experience, the founders of im·bue botanicals are passionate about utilizing our expertise and know-how to deliver exclusive, proprietary products, designed and envisioned to provide outstanding results. Our “Earth First” approach to business as well as consumer wellbeing is fundamental to all that we do.​

We masterfully formulate our products for optimal concentrations. While other companies simply “white label” from large processors, we developed and own all our formulations. At Imbue Botanicals, we wrote the book for the most extensive product quality testing in the industry, and all of our products are batch tested by independent laboratories before shipment to ensure quality and consistency.

So whether you need hemp products for you or your four-legged family members, we have you covered. With safe, quality products, wonderfully reviewed that work. Made in the USA and delivered right to your doorstep or available from select retailers and independent pharmacies, there’s only one Imbue Botanicals.

For those who know…

It’s All in the Details.

At Imbue Botanicals, we’ve never been content to deliver “me too” products. Rather, we focus on key factors that increase efficacy and separate us from the pack. Presentation of the product, we believe is as important as the product itself. But most important is the quality, consistency, clinical efficacy, and sustainability our products engender. With extensive experience in the industry, we personally develop and source ALL of our products, utilize the highest quality organic ingredients, and never compromise.

At Imbue, it’s all about products that actually work and make a difference in the lives of the people and pets who use them. We understand that just like any drug or supplement, people respond individually to CBD. So we make many different products in different delivery forms and multiple strengths so that we can offer a more personalized solution for each and every customer.

We grow and process all of our products right here in the United States in Colorado. From the very outset, we’ve believed that maintaining the all-important chain of custody on our product, from seed to the final consumer, is of critical importance to providing an exceptional quality product to both people and pets. Not only do we oversee the growing and extraction of our hemp, but we process in cGMP-compliant facilities using best practices of manufacturing to ensure a consistent, reliable outcome. And we only grow our hemp in fields suitable for products intended for human consumption, as the picture above so clearly demonstrates, never in fields that grew crops like tobacco which can leach undesirable elements or heavy metals. And growing ONLY at high altitudes ensures that our hemp is exposed to higher concentrations of sunlight, resulting in better, more robust cannabinoid profiles.

Our product echoes the very inception of cannabis concentrates. We extract solely using low-temperature, low-pressure ethanol just like RSO (Rick Simpson Oil). It’s more time-consuming and more difficult, but the concentrate is simply unrivaled when it comes to cannabinoid and terpene profiles.

And of course, we also believe in corporate responsibility. Our “Earth First” approach means we never use pesticides or harmful chemicals in growing or processing our products. We use organic, non-GMO, vegan ingredients and package products in fully recyclable materials. But we don’t stop there. We also donate to animal rescues and provide discount programs for VETERANS and LOW INCOME and DISABLED customers.

In short, few companies can match or even come close to our comprehensive process of growing, processing, packaging, testing, distribution, and corporate philosophy. ​And frankly, this is one of the key reasons why we say what we do… for those who know…


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Imbue Em·body 200mg Premium CBD Salve – 2 Oz. JarImbue Em·body 200mg Premium CBD Salve – 2 Oz. Jarimbue em·body 200mg premium CBD salve – 2 oz. jar